Reducing Stress and Anxiety

Sometimes I wake up in the morning and get so excited about all of the things that I look forward to doing that day. Other days, I wake up and all I feel is stress, anxiety, and worry. In those moments, it can seem impossible to stop the racing thoughts and just relax.

The world of today has infinite possibilities. You could go on an adventure tomorrow, or watch a movie online, or cook a new recipe, or learn a new language, or spend time with friends, or run errands, or finish up a side project… then you remember your duties at work. Perhaps you have children, pets or family who demand your time unpredictably.

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What is Stress?

The American Institute of Stress ties the term “stress” to its original definition coined by Hans Selye as “the non-specific response of the body to any demand for change”. The definition has changed over time, but the connection to the body and the mind is key.

Everyone experiences stress differently, with unique triggers and coping tools. The first step in overcoming it is to understand how it affects you.

How to Be Mindful and Reduce Anxiety

Mindfulness has gone viral. With incredibly popular apps like Headspace and Buddhify becoming so easily accessible, hard-working professionals, entrepreneurs and stay-at-home parents have a great opportunity to improve their work-life integration and truly take care of their “mind, body, and soul”.

I use the term “work-life integration” instead of “work-life balance” intentionally. Ellen Langer, a long-time Mindfulness Researcher, notes in an interview with the Harvard Business Review, “If you keep them separate, you don’t learn to transfer what you do successfully in one domain to the other.”

“I also tell people about work/life integration, not balance. ‘Balance’ suggests that the two are opposite and have nothing in common. But that’s not true.” – Ellen Langer, Mindfulness Researcher

Figuring Out Your Integration Strategy

As overwhelming as stress and its effects can be, there is hope. The fact that you’re reading this article is a huge first step. With my help, you can:

– identify your warning signs of stress
– practice techniques to reduce your anxiety and stress
– live a more productive, healthy, and happy life

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